About ourselves

Veronica Malzacher

has many years’ of experience in hotels, catering and culture, mostly on a self-employed basis. She built up a pasta production company and a sales company for Italian specialities in Switzerland. Consultant to hotels, restaurants and trade associations on the subject of “ecology in industry”.

Christian Prohaska

is an architect of the 68s generation, he used to specialise in renovating homes and hotel accommodation and has completed many projects on behalf of groups and cooperatives, was active in culture and politics.

Intensive further education in the theory of winegrowing and enology.


were both born in 1948. In long years of work we have gained a wealth of experience which we have now allowed to flow into a common eco-project in Tuscany, with the backing of our many northern-based friends.

Since 1993, with the help of many part-time employees, we have been building and converting this farmhouse. Since 1995 we have had new vines and since 1997 our accommodation was opened to all guests. We press our own grapes and have many enthusiastic visitors. That always replenishes our energy – for not all our ideas have yet been realised!