“Riparbella” in musical Italian suggests pleasurable seclusion. The first impressions ring true: this is a place for easy relaxation: reading, sunbathing and country strolls, trying out your phrase book in Italian - or the other languages represented! Riparbella is also a perfect base for sporting exertion and cultural exploration. It’s a beautiful sunny spot which exudes charm… the place for holidays… ideal for the kids, too!
Our cuisine has a definite Tuscan flavour to it - and is light and imaginative. We use home-grown products and those of our surroundings: mushrooms, wild asparagus and even wild boar. We also cater for vegetarians. As an apéritif and for evening dinner parties we serve our home-produced wines or other select Tuscan wines from our well-stocked cellar.
Our spacious lounge (42sqm with underfloor heating) - indeed all our facilities - are suitable for seminars in small groups (in company with holidaymakers). We can also accommodate larger groups occupying the house alone. Please contact us for further details.